Proof Ordering Troubleshoot

We want everything to go as smooth as possible, but sometimes things just don't go right. Below are some common issues we see.


Problem: Pin or Code is not working.              Solution: Make sure your entering the correct numbers and letters silly. 

Problem: I cannot place items in the cart.       Solution: Please try another browser or devise. Sorry. Sometimes our system doesn't play nice with others.

Problem: At checkout I get "Error 404".          Solution: This comes up when you enter the 4 digit extension to your zip. Stick to the first 5 fancy pants.

Problem: I have more than one proof pin.       Solution: Go to you cart and select "Change Gallery" to shop for a different image. Don't forget discounts.


Please also try our Proof FAQ Page. (Yes, we have one of those too.)

If nothing here works for you, don't give up. Email us so we can help. Even if we have to place the order for you.