Common questions if you've received a Proof and need to order


Q. Where can I enter my code and pin?

A. Click here!

Q. I lost my proof sheet. How can I get my code & pin?

A. It happens. Email me at [email protected] with the name of your child's school, class, and a description of your child in their portrait. I'll email you back the code & pin.

Q. Can I order after the deadline?

A. Certainly. You just need order online here where shipping charges to your home will apply. Paper orders cannot be accepted by the school after the deadline.

Q. Why won't my online order go into the cart?

A. Sorry for the trouble. All technology isn't perfect. Try using a different browser or device. If you want to get dramatic, you can also delete your cookies and try again. 

Q. Will I receive a group picture even though I don't see it online?

A. Yes. If the package you order says it includes a class group and the class group is on your proof sheet, you'll receive the group with your package as ordered. It is just not posted online.

Q. Can I place orders for multiple proofs?

A. Yes. After you place your first order, you'll be asked if you'd like to order more. Follow the directions and proceed.

Q. What if I did not get a code or pin?

A. You might not have a proof or have a different kind, so click here.

Q. What's the difference between ordering online or by paper.

A. Online orders arrive at the school faster, are more accurate, and Image files are downloaded within minutes of being purchased. Paper orders are slower because we have to receive the orders from the school by mail, process the payments, and manually place each order. If you can't tell, we prefer online orders, but paper is ok if you must.

Q. How did you get such a great picture of my kids?

A. Years of Experience!


I hope these have been helpful. If you still have any questions, please Email us at [email protected] .

You can also visit our Proof Order Troubleshoot Page.




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