School Picture FAQ

We work very hard to make school pictures as easy as possible, but still it can get confusing.

Here are some common questions we get.


  If you've received a package and need to pay for and/or return sheets:


Q. Can I combine prints from different packages to make my own single package?

A. No Sorry. Our packages are priced as low as possible. Combining them lowers the schools fundraiser totals and commission.

Q. Can I replace a sheet I already have but don't want by ordering one that I do want?

A. No Please. We try to print the best general packages for everyone. Sometimes it might not have what you need. Please return the unwanted pictures and hand the adjusted payment in to the school. Then you can order the prints you do need here online at where you can order from your schools gallery.

Q. How can I order more?

A. Easy!

   If you have a password on your price sheet go to , enter the first word in the name of your school (second if anther school comes up), enter the password provided. Select your child's portrait, and view you print options on the right. Click "Visit Shop" at the top of the list to see more.

   If you have a password on the top of your picture envelope, enter the code in the "search" field here . See your picture options on the right. Click "Visit Shop" at the top of the list to see more.

Q. I cannot find my password.

A. Email us at [email protected] with your school's name and we'll help.

Q. I have more than 3 packages. Do I get a discount?

A. Yes. The first three full packages are discounted at the price on your envelope, then add $20 for every full package after that.

Q. How do I pay online?

A. Go to and follow the directions. Remember reorders must be paid for separately.

Q. How long do you keep the pictures online for reorders?

A. All year until a new gallery is posted for the next school year.

Q. Where do I send payment?

A. Please fill out the envelope attached to your price sheet with cash, check or Money order made out to "Skylight Studio", or online payment information and hand in to your school with any unwanted prints.

Q. I lost my price sheet.

A. Ask your school for another, or email us at [email protected] with your school's name and we'll help.

Q. How did you get such a great picture of my kids?

A. Years of Experience!



  If you need to pay for pictures before picture day:


Q. Is there any way I can see my child's portraits before I pay?

A. Sorry no, but we always do our best for a great portrait and offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (excluding image files) if you're not completely satisfied.

Q. Can I pay later?

A. Sorry, no again. We take all forms of payments for you convenience. We process the orders as fast as we can to get them back to you in the quickest time. Waiting for payments can hold up the entire schools order. We will certainly still take your child's portrait and you can order online, but prices will be a little higher and shipping charges will be added.

Q. What if I forgot to send in an envelope with payment?

A. Depending on your schools policies, we usually take every child's portraits for the yearbook even if they did not order portraits. If that's the case, your child's portrait will be posted to the school's private online gallery where you can order anything you need. We try to keep prices close to those on picture day but shipping charges will be added..

Q. Does the image file come with the group picture?

A. No. The image file is of the portrait only.

Q. I lost my price sheet?

A. Ask you school for another. If for some reason they cannot provide one, email us at [email protected] for help.



 Picture Day

Q. How should I dress my children?

A. I believe you should dress you child in the clothes you like them in the best. It's your picture and you should love it. We try to offer backgrounds that go with almost anything. That said, a florescent plaid suit with matching hat and bow tie can be a bit distracting. If you really love it then go for it (I'd love to see it).

Q. My child is very difficult with pictures. Is there anything we can do to make it go better?

A. Nope! Just relax. This is our specialty. With over 15 years of experience with children I try to find the best way to work with each child to get the portrait their parents will love.

Q. What time is my child taking pictures?

A. Check with your school for all picture day schedule info.


Common questions if you've received a Proof and need to order


Q. Where can I enter my code and pin?

A. Click here!

Q. I lost my proof sheet. How can I get my code & pin?

A. It happens. Email me at [email protected] with the name of your child's school, class, and a description of your child in their portrait. I'll email you back the code & pin.

Q. Can I order after the deadline?

A. Certainly. You just need order online here where shipping charges to your home will apply. Paper orders cannot be accepted by the school after the deadline.

Q. Why won't my online order go into the cart?

A. Sorry for the trouble. All technology isn't perfect. Try using a different browser or device. If you want to get dramatic, you can also delete your cookies and try again. 

Q. Will I receive a group picture even though I don't see it online?

A. Yes. If the package you order says it includes a class group and the class group is on your proof sheet, you'll receive the group with your package as ordered. It is just not posted online.

Q. Can I place orders for multiple proofs?

A. Yes. After you place your first order, you'll be asked if you'd like to order more. Follow the directions and proceed.

Q. What if I did not get a code or pin?

A. You might not have a proof or have a different kind, so click here.

Q. What's the difference between ordering online or by paper.

A. Online orders arrive at the school faster, are more accurate, and Image files are downloaded within minutes of being purchased. Paper orders are slower because we have to receive the orders from the school by mail, process the payments, and manually place each order. If you can't tell, we prefer online orders, but paper is ok if you must.

 You can also go here to view out policies and info page.

I hope these have been helpful. If you still have any questions, please Email us at [email protected] .




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