Policies & Info

What do we sell:

  •     We sell image files and prints of portraits and group pictures taken at schools, day cares, my studio or on location.

What currency do we accept:

  •    We accept currency in US Dollars.

Customer Service:

Fulfillment policies.

  •    We offer 100% money back garantee on pre-paid pictures. Other product refunds are a case by case basis.  Refund requests can be made by email or phone.
  •    Prepaid pictures returns can be sent to Skylight Portraits P.O. Box 1545 Highland, NY 12528
  •    Picture are delivered to your school or home by UPS, Fed-Ex or USPS.
  •    Photo orders cannot be canceled but accidental orders can be refunded or corrected.
  •    Photo Day can be canceled at any time at no cost.


  • Promotions offered to your school are labeled to expire on the dates stated. If there's no expiration date, the offer lasts as long as the gallery is published.