If you’ve received a proof sheet with just a password...


  •  Click here and enter the password (see below) into the "search" field.  

Tip: Copy the password for the next step.

  • Select the gallery and enter the password again.
  • You're in!
  • Click the image and view your ordering options on the left. Select "Visit Shop" for more products.
  • If background options are available you can choose your background by clicking the "change background" button below the image.



Where is my password?

Your password is either at the top of the envelope the proof sheet came in, or printed vertically on the left and right side (of the proof image) on the sheet sent home from school.

The password is CASE SENSATIVE.

Env Password arrowEnv Password arrow MIllers Proof Sheet Sample2MIllers Proof Sheet Sample2


How long do I have to order my proofs?


We usually keep proofs online until the next school year, but don't wait. Order now or time might get the best of you!