If you need to pay for pictures before picture day:

Q. Where can I pay for my child's pictures?

A. If you need to only pay for your child's pictures, but are still handing in an envelope you can pay at https://www.skylightsmiles.com/pay ,if your school offers the online ordering option, then go here https://www.skylightsmiles.com/early and use your school password to start ordering.

Q. Can I order and pay for my pictures online before picture day.

A. Maybe! With some schools we now offer paperless ordering where you can go here https://www.skylightsmiles.com/early and enter your school's password if one is provided. No need to hand in a form on picture day. We do not offer paperless ordering for sibling portrait orders at this time. You can pay online with paper orders here https://www.skylightsmiles.com/pay but you must still send the envelope to the school before picture day.

Q. Is there any way I can see my child's portraits before I pay?

A. Sorry no, but we always do our best for a great portrait and offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you're not completely satisfied.

Q. Can I pay later?

A. Sorry, no again. We take all forms of payments for you convenience. We process the orders as fast as we can to get them back to you in the quickest time. Waiting for payments can hold up the entire schools order. We will certainly still take your child's portrait and you can order online, but prices will be a little higher and shipping charges will be added.

Q. What if I forgot to send in an envelope with payment?

A. Depending on your schools policies, we usually take every child's portraits for the yearbook even if they did not order portraits. If that's the case, your child's portrait will be posted to the school's private online gallery where you can order anything you need. We try to keep prices close to those on picture day but shipping charges will be added.

If your school has an online preorder option, you won't need to hand in the envelope.

Q. Does the image file come with the group picture?

A. No. The image file is of the portrait only.

Q. I lost my price sheet?

A. Ask you school for another. If for some reason they cannot provide one, email us at [email protected] for help.



I hope these have been helpful. If you still have any questions, please Email us at [email protected] .




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