Pay for your school packages here.

This is for payment only.

All paperwork must still be handed in to the school.

Any reorders must be made online here and paid for separately.

If your school requires payment before picture day, then payment cannot be made after that day. Contact us about ordering after picture day.


Student's Name





-Fill in the School and Name fields.

-Click "Pay Now".

-Select method of payment.
(If you don't have a PayPal account select the bottom tab
"Pay by Credit or Debit" to pay by credit card.)

-Enter the price you need to pay

-Enter Payment Info

-Check "Pay Online" box on envelope (or "Paid Online" for prepay.)

-Write Transaction ID # or Receipt ID# on envelope

-Hand envelope in to school. (Prepay orders must be made and handed in before picture day.)
Online Pay Form ExampleOnline Pay Form Example